Keep Busy~Stay Positive

One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself. Lucille Ball

  • The Pandemic Shut-In continues
  • This was a week of three digit temperatures with bad air quality
  • Both my sewing machines are not working

This was the week I decided to focus on keeping busy and choosing to stay optimistic.
All I can do about the pandemic is try to help others, pray, and remain hopeful.
There is nothing I can do about Texas summer temperatures. As soon as the air is less dusty, I will resume outside activities early in the morning.
As for the sewing machines, I spent a few days contemplating how to resolve this issue. I made pro and con lists for ditching these two and getting a new sewing machine. I really want a Bernina, and there are some summer deals going on. This is not the time to go into a shop and try out new machines. Also, if I purchased a Bernina, I would not be able to take any classes to familiarize myself with all of the features of the machine. I finally decided to take both of the machines into the shop. There will be a two week turn around on this. In the meantime, I will have to find some other way to keep myself busy.
For now, I have been playing around with embroidery. I remember watching my mom and my aunt embroider beautiful projects. Both of them made such precise stitches. The back of their work was all neat and tidy. I am not there yet, but I am trying different techniques to add texture and detail.
I started by drawing a humming bird and a flower. I chose a humming bird because I thought it would be fun to try colorful and textured wings.
My next project was for my granddaughter. She has outgrown unicorns, and is now interested in dragons. She is reading a series of dragon books. A few years ago, I was dabbling with Zen art, and just drawing loops and lines. I drew a dragon and filled it with lines and curves. I then used my granddaughter’s favorite colors~ teal and purple. I had one remaining DIY pendent, so I drew a small dragon on canvas. The canvas was a bit thick, and I drew the dragon a bit too large for the size of the pendent. I ended up squeezing and gluing the embroidered piece onto the pendent. I hope it stays glued.
French knots have always been a challenge for me, so I like to practice making them. I used a blue line piece of fabric to stitch some daisies. The centers are filled with French knots.
My sister sent me a video of a cockatoo dancing to ringtones. I researched the bird and learned more about this intelligent and social creature. I drew a cockatoo onto blue linen fabric. I tried adding texture and dimension with white, grey, and yellow embroidery thread.
I have some strips of canvas that I just cannot throw away. I drew three birds on a small strip of canvas. My goal was to display action in my embroidery. I called this piece, “Joyful Song”.
The next project started when I went to organize my scrap bin. I found a fabric with different owls in the design. I fussy cut one of the owls and, also, some leaves from another fabric. After gluing the pieces onto a star fabric, I embroidered the owl, tree, and leaves. I left this one in the hoop, as a small wall hanging.
Because of the pandemic, I, like many others, have not had my hair cut since March. As I was pulling my out of control hair into a scrunchie, the idea for my next piece came to mind. I drew sort of a selfie onto a small piece of canvas. Then I embroidered the hair, face, and glasses. I cut fabric in the shape of a shirt to applique. Fabric crayons were used to color the face.
It is going to be a long two weeks without my machine. I had plans to start another scrappy quilt, but this will have to wait.
Maybe this week I will paint rocks. 🙂
Keep busy.
Stay positive.
Stay safe.

11 thoughts on “Keep Busy~Stay Positive

  1. Your dragon is quite majestic…I immediately thought, “release your inner dragon”…speaking of which, we just re-watched a favorite dragon movie that I’m sure your granddaughter introduced you to at some point in time: How to train your dragon. A nice diversion in these coronavirus times.
    May the wait for your sewing machine repairs go by swiftly…meanwhile, keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Awe sad about your machines. I had to take one in during the early days of the pandemic and it took 6 before I could get it back. Thank goodness for backups. Staying busy is definitely good for me. Not much time for getting distract then. Stay positive! Hugs!

  3. What bad luck that both your machines stopped working at the same time.
    Your handwork is so charming. Just love the self portrait, and all the beautiful birds. The dragon is so very dragonish and magical

    1. Thank you. I am having fun just piddling around with the yarn. This will be the first birthday for my granddaughter where I will not be able to be with her. My son said he knows that she will love that dragon. I just heard that one of my machines just needs a minor repair that is not costly. I am still waiting to hear about the computerized sewing machine.

  4. I LOVE your self portrait. I think you have a real talent for capturing people and their personalities, I have seen that in your machine thread sketching too. And as for your hair, I like its look! ( My own hair is about 1 inch long and my husband has been cutting it with clippers I bought when I realized I would not be going to the hair salon anytime soon. I do his hair too, but I am terrible at it, I think he does a great job! But I digress). I hope your two machines get well soon but I like seeing your hand embroidery. I sympathize with your frustrations as to making the back look neat. My mother always said the back (or inside, if you were making clothes) should look as good as the outside. She could do that. Not me. Anyway, I like seeing the new things you are doing. And I hope for some new painted rocks, I also love what you do there. Happy Wednesday and rest of the week.

    1. Thank you, Claudia. I so appreciate your support. As a child, I was always drawing. I wanted to be a cartoonist and animator for Disney. 🙂 I never pursued art as a career because I lacked the confidence in my skills. I used art in my daily instruction with my students, but I did not draw or create art for myself. It has only been since I retired that I have started exploring different paths. Your words of encouragement are appreciated. As for my hair, it is so wavy and curly. I would be courting a real disaster if I tried cutting it myself.

      1. I recently read an interesting book about early women animators for Disney. I will try to remember to look up the title, you might like it. I did not do art when I was a child, only as an adult maybe from about age 38 or so. I had no idea I could do anything with it. Like you, I am still exploring!

  5. That is bad luck to have both your machines quit at once! I’m glad you have found ways to stay busy. The heat is one thing I do NOT miss about Texas!

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