Home Bound Again

Since my city and state are now experiencing a high rate of increase in Covid, I am  once again home bound. The only outings I had been allowing myself were with my Meemaws. We only met in the school parking lot, or in a park. We always wore masks and kept our distance. We took our last visit to a park this week. As long as our governor refuses to take the action needed, the situation will not improve.

That said, I am keeping myself busy. There are three quilt projects that I have in bins. The first quilt possibility is a modern quilt made of half log cabin squares that seems pretty interesting. It is a perfect pattern for using scraps.
There is also a curvy log cabin quilt that I had planned to make at retreat with friends. Since the retreat was cancelled, the quilt project was laid aside. The fabric I chose for this quilt is by Marcia Derse. I just love her design.
The third possible quilt is a Lone Star quilt for my niece. This pattern is a bit tricky for me, so I have been studying the tutorial by Jordan Fabrics. I have made a star quilt before, but I was not happy with how the seams laid out. The tutorial explains how to have flat seams.

In the meantime, I have made a few small things. Mary sent me the link to very cute block pattern by the Sewing Loft. The dragonfly block was made from tiny scraps. I did something wrong with each one.The heads of the dragonfly just didn’t work for me. I read, and reread the directions, but I could never figure out exactly where I went off course. I had to make it fit, so each one is different. I also made the butterfly quilt block from that same site. Thank you, Mary, for being so thoughtful. I enjoyed making these blocks. They will show up somewhere in a future project.

My DIL had told me about the site, Sew She Can. There was a tutorial for a lay flat storage bag that I found interesting. The patterns come in three sizes. I made three medium sized bags in one afternoon. I like these bags since they lay flat, but open wide. They hold quite a bit of stuff.

In the video, I have a picture of a very friendly dog who lives in the neighborhood. I have seen Luna grow up. She is now 10 years old now. Whenever I walk by her house, Luna wags her arthritic back side as she comes up for a hug. She makes my day.

There are also some pictures of ducks, a golden crown heron, and the vultures at Brackenridge Park. Apparently, the black vultures are uninvited guests in this park. They coexist with the animals in the zoo. I included a video clip of the vultures in the sky. There is also a tree filled with white egrets. There are so many, the tree looks white. I could not get a picture of the tree, since it is not a place you want to walk by or stand under. I don’t know when we will be able to enjoy our park outing again.

Stay Safe
Wear Your Masks

11 thoughts on “Home Bound Again

  1. I feel for you. We were 90 days at home and just emerging. We learned to fear and respect this virus and I flinch when people come in my vicinity, I wonder when and if that will leave me. Always a mask ( except exercising and even then I have a face covering ready if needed. I don’t know why I’m going on so, I just want to say all these miles away I am doing these same things you are , with you. Keeping strong together.

    1. Thank you, Claudia. We are all struggling. I just cannot believe there are people who still do not see the gravity of the situation. There are more responsible people, but these few reckless people are threatening our future with their disbelief in science and their lack of responsibility. I just keep thinking of the affect being home bound is having on our children. Thank you for reaching out. It helps to stay connected.

      1. It could be time for a sidewalk crack search for art images. I have been wondering if a thread drawing could be done with the crack patterns, not necessarily turning into a drawing, but maybe kind of a thread zentangle? It seems to me you’d have to adapt the strengths/limitations of thread to the crack structure, but also, since it’s a whole different thing, thread, than pen, it gets its own personality. (As I said, I guess I have been mulling this over in some back room in my mind!)

        I agree with you, why do people not see what is in front of their eyes and face what it takes, do it, and get through it. In my experience evading things always leads to…more sorrow and trouble than if the ugly truths were dealt with, hard as it is. I will be thinking of you, and I can’t say here that of course we are not out of the woods, nobody is, I am currently hoping people will remember this and stay careful.

      2. You have given me something to mull over. I think I have a book on how to thread sketch zentangle. A few years ago I dabbled in pen zentangle. Thanks again for your thoughts. It certainly helps to connect with people during these times.

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your industry, Chela. All three of your quilt projects sound exciting, so good luck with choosing one. Those dragonflys look REALLY difficult to make!
    Sending strength and thoughts across the oceans. These are very scary times.

  3. You HAVE been busy, as usual! My only Lone Star quilt was made from an Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day pattern, and I found her method very helpful. Can’t wait to see yours!

    1. All three of my sons have birthdays this month and I just sent them a package of homemade stuff they do not need. They are probably going to think I have totally lost my mind. 😁 I keep putting off the Lone Star quilt. I will look up Eleanor Burns. Thanks.

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