Keeping Busy

There are a few big projects I have planned, but I am not ready to start any of them. In the meantime, I am just keeping busy with little stuff.
I piddled around with five small projects.
My Meemaw friends wanted their own vulture rocks, so I made one for each of them.
I also made a couple of more rock socks. It is something I like doing when I am watching TV.
Another favorite thing to do while watching TV is stitching, or embroidering. I embroidered a few pieces and stitched them onto a fabric strip. This was made into a fabric snippet attached to a wooden spool.
The other day, I was digging through my purse, trying to get my phone. I realized that it was time to make a phone case that would make it easier to find. It also would add some protection. Crafty Gemini had a super easy pattern and tutorial. I made my case a bit larger to fit my phone. I also added a tab and clasp. This way, I can attach it to the loop in my purse. My DIL showed me the phone case that she made for when she goes walking. It has an elastic arm band. I am thinking of making one for me.
Because of the pandemic, I have not had my hair cut since March. My hair is out of control. I am pulling my hair into a small pony tail. I read that scrunchies are making a comeback…Ha! I found a YouTube tutorial on How To by Kristen. I made one for myself, and then made some more for my granddaughter.
Before I start on any of the bigger projects, my sewing room needs major reorganization and cleaning. Maybe I will get to that tomorrow.
Or, maybe I will make more scrunchies! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay Safe.

13 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. I love everything you are doing. The phone sleeping bag! The hair scrunchy (in my opinion they should never have gone out of style, although I have never worn one since my hair is about 1″ long…) The fabric roll is beautiful and I could see how a story is made out of them as you have mentioned. I am intrigued by the idea.

    I also understand working on small projects right now. I am in the same feeling. It is hard to keep focus or plan for the long or involved things, but little ones keep my mind art-active.

    And, the painted vultures. They look happy. I also love the rocks in socks. I wonder if I could knit such a thing?

    1. I am having difficulty focusing even on small projects ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought I was too old to wear a scrunchie, but my DIL said she would not accept that …love that girl! I usually keep my hair short, but I just don’t feel safe getting my hair cut now. I do not knit, but I would think that you could knit a rock sock. There are some crochet tutorials on making rock socks that you might be able to convert to knitting…somehow. I find that crocheting these rock socks helps my focus.

      1. My husband has been cutting my hair with clippers. (I do his but he is so much better at it, I am sorry not to do better for him!) I’ll see if a rock sock knit pattern exists, otherwise I may make some dishcloths. For me it is drawing that holds my attention. I have been working on some new stick ladies and moving slowly trying to feel out what to change or to experiment. No paintings or clay. Just don’t feel like it.

      2. Stick ladies sound like fun. I am keeping a left handed drawing journal. I find it challenging and fun. I have liked to draw since I was a child. I took art lessons in high school, but always felt inferior to the artistic students in class. When I retired, I took a drawing class, to review the basics. It was fun, but it felt a bit restrictive. I really don’t know or follow art “rules”. My sister, the illustrator, always tells me to go with the gut and just draw. I keep a pen drawing journal. I looked for rock sock knit patterns, but only found sock patterns. I’ll keep looking for a tutorial.

      3. Thank you re: the knit rocks. I appreciate it. I too looked, even on Ravelry, but I have the feeling that knitting is not as suited to working in the round as crochet is. Maybe I can just make rock sashes or the like. As for the stick people, The stick people, I don’t know, we’ll see. I have always thought my drawing skills were not good and that is why I did collage or so on, but as time went on I got better and also I accepted my out of whack style. I really like doing blind contour drawings, that process freed my mind for enjoying what I draw no matter what.

      4. Thank you. In my childhood my mother was very critical of any art attempts (I was out of whack even then) as she valued precision, exactness, and following the directions, none of which I could seem to do. It took me a long time as an adult to do any art, then to exhibit it and sell it, another painful wrenching process. But in the end I have come to see my own value and to understand, the thing is to enjoy it, and do my best in my way, and then, to people to whom it speaks, they will hear, and others, they do not pay attention and it does not matter. Just being myself. Taken a long time to get to this point, 60+ years!

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