A year ago, as I was approaching my 69th year, I made a decision to be positive and celebrate the last year of my 60’s. I declared June, 2019 to June, 2020, to be a year of Chelabration. I made up a list of things I wanted to learn; people and places I wanted to see; and a variety of things I wanted to do. Learning how to play the ukulele was tops on my list. That was going well, until I sliced off a portion of my finger with a rotary blade. My wish to learn how to tap dance went as far as two lessons. My tap dancing teacher, one of my Meemaw friends, had knee surgery and that was the end of tap dancing. I enjoyed a trip with my DIL to visit my brother. I spent many days visiting with my grandchildren. I was pretty much checking off the items on my list, and then the pandemic arrived and everything hit the wall.
Instead of letting this pandemic ruin my 70th year, I plan to continue with the Chelabration. My new list will be adjusted to fit the new norms, but I will have a list. As part of this continued celebration, I made a a special quilt for me. I chose beautiful fabric with Mexican design and color, to honor my culture and heritage. The center of the quilt is a black and white Mexican village. It reminds me of the time I spent in Saltillo, Mexico as an exchange student. The University of Texas in Austin, sent four of us to Saltillo to work with the teachers and study the early childhood system in Mexico. We would be with the school children all day, and spend our nights in the town square. This center fabric brings back sweet memories. The borders around the square are made with colorful, bright fabrics of flowers, birds, and animals. I chose a red fabric with Milagros. Milagros are charms that are symbols of miracles and prayer. My friend, Linda Jennings, long armed the quilt for me. I picked it up last week and just finished binding it. I made a quilt tote/pillowcase with some of the leftover Milagro fabric. Now it is all ready for my continue celebration/celebración,/ Chelabration. My brother was sweet enough to remind me that 70 is just a number. : )

10 thoughts on “Celebración,

  1. Oh I am so glad that you made a special quilt for yourself as part of your Chelabration. It is right and fitting that it contains a band of Milagros and lovely that this is also the backing fabric. It makes me happy that you sleep under prayers and blessings.
    Congratulations to you on not allowing the pandemic to flatten your celebratory year and for making a new list. It is a wonderful example of how to deal with these strange times.
    May you keep rolling on ❤️

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