Friday, May 15, 2020

Each day brings a challenge to stay hopeful and positive.
My Mother’s Day flowers are still beautiful and make me smile.
Silver Sneaker exercise videos, walks, and other activities help get things in perspective, but there are days I just hit the wall. This was one of those days.
So, I turned off the news, got in my car, and went to visit my special tree. This oak tree is in the parking lot of my neighborhood school. This is the school where I spent the last 30 of my 42 years of teaching. The school is located at the base and in front of Comanche Lookout Park. The story about this tree is that the district was allowed to purchase this property with the stipulation that the tree would never be cut down. For many years, I would park my car under this tree. Now, it is the meeting place where my Meemaw friends and I social distance gather. The school is a special place for us, since we all worked there together.
I wanted to share the images of this tree and its burl. The burl presents an image of a split face. One side is dark, and the other is light. There is one “eye” that looks black, encircled by white. The other eye is almost shut. I made an attempt to capture this spiritual tree in fabric, but I was not happy with the preliminary results.
I also wanted to share photos of two Halloween quilt tops that I completed this week. The Turning 20 quilt pattern was pieced a few weeks ago. On Monday, I added two borders to complete the top. On Tuesday, I began another Halloween quilt, using the Show Biz pattern by Villa Rosa Design. I altered the pattern, both by choice and by accident. For the center, I used one fabric to make a 15″ block. The pattern calls for the center to pieced with different blocks. I was on the third round of blocks, when I realized that I had not read the directions carefully. Instead of ripping an redoing, I decided to follow the pattern that I had started.
I hope everyone is doing well.
Stay safe.

7 thoughts on “Friday, May 15, 2020

  1. I can see why that oak tree is your spirit tree.
    Lovely, cheerful quilts.
    Keep strong. I try to turn my back to that wall, but it does seem to be getting harder to do

  2. That tree. There is a personality there, all right. What a wonderful spirit to have near you, I think. I like your story of your associations with the tree.

    I feel as you do. Some days are ok, some are good, some I don’t know, some I just feel sad. The upheaval and disruption and sense of uncertainty are just what we have as our companions right now. Luckily, there are also such things as this tree and your good feelings that it brings to you. I liked your rendition of it in fabric, too. Even if you are not happy with it I think it comes through. For me sometimes I think when I attempt an artwork of something even if it doesn’t go as I would have liked, I feel somehow closer or more in tune with the subject, maybe from trying to depict I get a little of its essence. Maybe it’s the process, not the results. Well, I am philosophizing and off the track here. Wanted to say I enjoy seeing what you are up to each week.

    1. Thank you so much for your philosophizing. After I read your comment, I revisited the piece. It may not be exactly like I had pictured it, but making it did put me more in tune with this very special tree. Thank you for the uplift. Today I am feeling useful, since I am making masks for friends. It is a day to day process, and people like you are very helpful.

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