Another Friday

Surprisingly, this week went by pretty quickly.
One of the Meemaws and I made some masks for the teachers at the school where we used to work. The teachers are in the midst of having to empty their rooms in order for the school to be totally sanitized. This is quite a task for teachers. People may not realize the amount of teaching supplies, books, and materials that teachers store in their closets, and any spare rooms, in order to provide safe, productive, creative and fun learning environments. And most of these supplies are purchased by the teachers and not the district. Teachers are cleaning and at the same time still teaching online. Thank you teachers, for all you do.
This week, I made a few new fabric art pieces. My inspiration came from my grandchildren. I thread sketched an image from a photo of my youngest grandbaby. I have not seen him since March, and he is now 6 months. The other fabric piece is from a photo of my grandson practicing his karate. I love receiving text message from him. I mail him letters and also text messages with jokes.
The other art piece is a thread sketch of a lovely bouquet of flowers that my youngest son and DIL sent me for Mother’s Day.
I also made some mini pocket prayer quilts. I got the idea from Shabby Fabrics. I changed the process a little bit. I did not want to bother with turning the fabric inside out on such a small square. I also wanted the pocket to hold a prayer coin that could be taken out, instead of being sewn inside the square. So, I made the square like a would make an envelope pillow cover. I cut two fabric and one batting square at 3.5″ each. Then I cut two pieces of fabric for the envelope closing. I purchased some Serenity prayer coins from Amazon. For the grandchildren, I made some Sunshine pocket mini quitls. When my sons were babies, I would sing them “You are my Sunshine”. I sang this same song to my granddaughter and grandson when they were infants. I found these beautiful sunshine coins on Amazon that were just perfect.
The rest of my days, this week, were spent making quilt blocks out of the art pieces I have been creating since March. I am toying with the idea of putting them together and making a pandemic quilt. All of these pieces reflect inspiration from my grandchildren, family, and friends…everyone I miss so much. Some pieces also reflect things I see on my daily walks…or even my breakfast! Thanks to Tierney and Mariss for suggestions on how to piece these blocks. If I decide not to quilt the pieces together, I will still have a box filled with individual quilted blocks.

4 thoughts on “Another Friday

  1. What a joy to see your latest thread sketches. Your mini prayer pockets are such a beautiful idea. I am glad the week went by quickly for you and thanks for the mention.

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