It was heartwarming to see the new found ways to celebrate special days. Neighborhood drive-arounds, virtual musical and church celebrations, and technological communications…all help to keep our spirits up and hopeful.
A few weeks ago, I sent an Easter package to my grandchildren in order to do my part in keeping things as normal as possible for them. I know their parents made it a special day for them.
My Meemaw friends and I shared photos of Easters past. It was so much fun seeing photos taken when we were children back in the ’50’s and ’60’s. We shared the stories that went along with the photos, and had some good laughs.
The photo of me from Easter, 1956, became the inspiration for my Today’s Art piece. I hadn’t planned on making an art piece on Easter Sunday, but it just happened. In the photo, I was wearing my Easter finery, with hat and a house-shaped straw purse. I loved the way my petticoat made my dress so fluffy and poofy. My gloves must have been in my purse. We always wore gloves to church.
I met with one of my sons  and DILs to give them the masks I had made. They were going to disperse them to family who live in their area. We kept our social distance, which was very difficult. But it was so good to see them. Later that day, they sent me a photo of them wearing the masks.  The fact that we are now wearing masks can be depressing, but I am viewing it as the positive action that it is. We are doing what we need to do, along with social distancing. Today’s Art is a thread sketch of the photo my son sent. It is the last thread sketch of mask wearing that I intend to make. I just wanted to capture the loving spirit of these two adorable people, who said they were “smiling” behind the masks. They give me hope.

12 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. You are touch my heart with this post. It is hard but we cope. Your Easter outfit reminded me of similar ones I had. I remember a little purse I had like a white wicker basket with a lid that latched. Did I love that purse. The pouffy petticoats not so much, so scratchy!

      1. I just felt scratchy and sheepish. Not my style. I remember one dotted Swiss dress I liked. Also I remember that Easter was when we switched from black patent leather shoes to white.

      2. Oh, my mother was a stickler about the white and the black patent leather shoe timeline. And no one wore white after Labor Day. I had a dotted dress that my aunt made me. She used to make me a beautiful dress for my birthday. She would let me pick the fabric and design my style. She was a jewel. I love hearing your stories. Thanks for sharing. You have warmed my heart.

      3. Thank you to you, too. You have brought back memories I enjoy thinking about. Many weekends when I was very young we spent Friday and Saturday at my grandparents and my parents went out (they attended many events for my father’s work) and picked us up on Sunday AM, bringing our church outfits. I did not like church, that was bad enough, and then seeing that petticoat waiting for me – Eek! But I had many beautiful dresses, my mother sewed all our clothes and she was an excellent seamstress.

      4. Church was never my favorite place as a child. I could not sit still and always got in trouble. One Christmas, I had gotten a pearl handled Dale Evans guns and holsters and a canteen. My mother did not let me wear the guns to church, but I did wear my cowgirl water canteen. 😁

  2. I love the old photo turned into thread art! Beautiful post and how difficult not to give family a hug when you see them. I know the masks are sad but they are protecting your loved ones. The thread sketch art with the masks was very creative! Hang in there as we all are hanging in their right along with you 🙂

  3. In terms of hope, I’ve noticed that people at the grocery store have resumed making eye contact now that we are all masked. Previously it was as if “I can’t get sick from you if I don’t see you”. Wierd

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