It has been a busy two days. Some Texas mayors are requesting that masks be worn. Our mayor has taken great measures to protect the people in our area. Thank goodness for our local government’s scientific approach to handling this pandemic. The San Antonio mayor has been ahead of the situation from the onset. I wish I could have the same confidence in the other branches of government. Even our Texas grocery chain, HEB, was prepared for this. The Texas Monthly has a great article about the preparations.
On April 7, I spent some time looking at the pink moon. I took a photo with my camera. The next day, I made a fabric piece to commemorate this moment. Maybe this will be a repeat post about the pink moon. Sorry, if I am repeating myself. These past few weeks is so much like the Groundhog Day movie.
Yesterday I began making masks for my family and friends. I finished them today. It is a task that I am glad I could do, but not one that I particularly enjoyed. I do not have the patience for this type of task.
I am not a seamstress. Also, I was beginning to feel depressed with each one I made. To think that the world my grandchildren live in requires them to wear a mask if they go out. Even though they do not go out, the masks were made for emergency purposes.
Thanks to Tierney, who shared the pattern by Made Everyday. Since elastic is nowhere to be found, I used my stash of binding strips to make the ties.
After two days of working on masks, I got back to my Daily Art project. I thread sketched my eyes and neck. Then I did a fabric collage for my hair and face mask. The hand-stitching added some texture to the piece.
Now, I think I will indulge in a Movie Marathon.
Wishing all of you a blessed weekend.

6 thoughts on “Busy

  1. I am glad I am not the only one who finds the process complicated. I want to make some for the organizations up here in DFW asking and I can’t. The patterns they want are to complicated and they want to much in the mask. I have made some for some friends who are essential workers and of course my husband who is essential. Every time someone requests them for the hospitals or the first responders I watch another video and think I quilt I don’t sew clothing. Everyone I have made one for asks me how much and I tell them since I can’t contribute to the front line people pick a charity and donate what you can when you can.

  2. I made some for us. I didn’t have fabric so I used an old work shirt of my husband’s. I had to make the ties since I had no bias tape etc. I feel as you did, I am saddened by the sight of them. Our state requires masks for when we leave home. A new necessity.

  3. You have been busy! Love the thread sketch with your pink flamingo masks — it gives a quirky touch to a miserable situation.
    Hope you enjoyed and were distracted by the movies.
    Our lockdown had been extended for another two weeks. I am running out of curtains to wash, but not quilts to make. 😀

    1. Old Hollywood classics always put me in a time travel that I love. Our lockdown is ongoing. My fabric stash is dwindling. I just keep making blocks, with no real plan. I’ll be working on a Halloween quilt today. Take care.

  4. Glad that pattern worked for you. Yep no elastic to be found and this was a good alternative. Love your pieces in the YouTube video especially the pink moon piece! It does seem like we are in the movie Groundhog Day, now if we could just get whatever we need to get right so we can move to the next day 🙂

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