Bird Spirit

It has been a day of steady rain. At first, I thought the weather might make it harder to get through the day. But it turns out that the rain had a very calming effect.
Also, today was great because I got to communicate with my all three of my sons. My granddaughter and I had a great Zoom chat. We shared facts, jokes, and conversation. We did some fun word games together. My baby grandson made a visit on this chat, along with his parents. One of the best parts of this chat was the drawing activities. My granddaughter and I do different types of art activities each time we chat. Today, we decided to just each draw what we wanted as we talked. Then we shared. I was very impressed with my granddaughter’s piece. She drew a bird rising up into the sky. She entitled this piece, Bird Spirit. I asked if she could send me a photo of her drawing. I was so inspired by it and I wanted to try to create it with fabric. Since she drew it in pencil, I asked what colors she would want me to use. Teal is one of her favorite colors, and that is what she wanted for the bird. She asked for a green landscape and an orange and yellow sun. The background was supposed to be black on the top and getting lighter towards the sun. When I showed her my fabric piece, I thanked her for the inspiration. I also told her that it was my interpretation of her art, so it would not be exactly like hers. She responded by saying that it was almost exactly how she saw her drawing.
The art for today is very simple, but very special.

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