March 22, 2020

I try to keep abreast of the latest information about Covid 19 that is necessary to stay safe, but it becomes overwhelming. I wish the best for all of you, and hope you are safe and well.
In order to keep things in balance, I try to keep busy. I alternate exercising, watching movies, and working in my sewing room.
I have been keeping busy making small crafts and working on quilts. The  Scrappy Rectangle quilt I made in February for one of my nephews is quilted and ready for me to bind. This quilt pattern was designed by Jo Parott. I have not gotten to the binding yet, but I did start and finish piecing a second scrappy quilt top for my other nephew. The designer for this quilt is Amy Walsh. My friend, Linda, will be longarming it for me when things get back to normal.
Since January, I have been cutting 1 1/2 inch blocks from all of my scraps to make a scrappy quilt. I started to put one block together so I could see if I really wanted to do this. I like the way it looks, so I will continue working on this scrappy quilt.
I am also cutting some 2″ x 3 1/2″ blocks to make another Scrappy Rectangle quilt.
Besides these in-progress scrappy quilts, I made a fabric book for my grandbaby. My granddaughter loves to read to him, so they will both enjoy this book. I love the Bear books by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. The fabric panel was the Bear Sees Color book. It is from Elizabeth’s Studio.
I’ve been keeping in touch with my sons and family. We share photos and Facetime to keep in touch. Today would have been my dad’s 100th birthday! My siblings and I shared memories.
Hang in there, everyone!
Stay Safe.

5 thoughts on “March 22, 2020

  1. Wow Chela — and I thought I was sewing up a storm! I love your completed scrappy quilt and I think the one from 1.5 inch blocks is going to be an absolute stunner.
    Keep strong

  2. Enjoyed you’re keeping busy video and those are really cool scrappy quilts! I know it’s rough in a time of uncertainty and then goodness for technology where we can communicate via FaceTime etc.

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