Family Time

I just returned from four fabulous days with my sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren. It all started with some Grammy time with my 5 month old grandson and his mom. He is all giggles, smiles, and love. I was in heaven. I was able to spend time with his big sister when I picked her up from school. Conversations with this eight year old always amaze me.
On one of these days, I was guest reader at my kinder grandson’s school. Being back in a classroom was the highlight of my day. His classmates read to me and showed me their work. I was able to see my grandson having fun learning. I also experienced the joy of reading, eating lunch with kinder students, and going out to recess. One of the fun things we did at recess was create images with leaves, nuts, and schoolyard items. My grandson created a face with two small pom poms he found on the playground. He also used leaves and acorns and sticks.
I am also posting a photo of some backyard hidden treasure that my son and grandson found in their backyard while using a metal detector. My grandson was so proud of his find.
One afternoon was spent with my other daughter-in-law in her fabulous sewing room. She quilts, crafts, sews, and makes things with a Cricut. She and my son designed a shirt for me. It has quilt blocks and the words “Block Star”. My DIL said that after she saw the Minecraft quilt I made, she just had to design this shirt for me. She and my son demonstrated how to use the Cricut for designing t-shirts. My DIL chose a beautiful image of a strong woman to cut and press onto a t-shirt. The process was so detailed, but she made it look so easy. She showed me a shirt of Baby Yoda that she had made for my son.
One afternoon was spent shopping with the wife of my youngest son. She makes a great shopping buddy! I have been looking at a flamingo sculpture every time I went into a Hobby Lobby. The flamingo was on sale today and I just had to have it! We had a full basket of goodies when we checked out.
These were four busy and fun-filled days. I am looking forward to more family fun days.

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8 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Hey Block Star !! You have certainly earned that T Shirt. Congratulations.
    I am pink with envy. What a remarkable flamingo. You will have to find a place for her in your sewing room. (?!)

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