Bali Bag

One can never have enough totes or bags. Now that I am doing more sewing handwork, I find I have tools and materials scattered everywhere. Some are in small bags, boxes or bins. Others are just strewn all over my side table by my recliner, where I work. I needed one more tote to hold all of these smaller bags and things.

At the end of January, I had prepared the fabric for making a Bali Bag, using the Auntie Two Patterns. I chose to make my bag more of a beach bag shape. This meant that I had to lean the bag to the left as I sewed the strips. This angle makes the sides flair out. I chose this shape because I thought it could hold more, and be more flexible. When I travel with the Meemaws, the Clown Car gets pretty full. This bag can be squeezed into the pile of junk with which we travel.

Preparing the strips is the tedious part of this process. I used a Moda Jelly Roll. Instead of using Duo-Fuse, I used a roll of batting strips. For the handles, I chose to follow directions by Rob Appell of Man Sewing. He has a tutorial for making a folded strip bag, which I might make later on. I like the way he used four strips to make each handle. I added a batting strip to make the handle.

Now, everything I need for sewing handwork is tucked away in this soft, but sturdy tote.

7 thoughts on “Bali Bag

  1. Loved the video! I met Rob Appell of Man Sewing a couple of years ago at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 40th Anniversary celebration (and met Tula Pink and Angela Waters there too) and his as nice and fun in person as he is on his videos!
    Congrats on your lovely tote – I am very impressed!

    1. One of the reasons I chose to make it like a beach bag was because it is easier. To make a bag that has straight sides is a lot more difficult since you have to hold the firm at a perpendicular angle. Thus is hard to do as the sides get larger. I hope to try this one day, but I need more practice.

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