Inch by Inch

In keeping with my Scrappy New Year theme, I pulled out my bin of tiny scraps. For some time now, I have been wanting to try my hand at making inchies. Today was a good day to start.
For the first inchies I made, I just cut heart shapes and sewed them onto a 1.5 inch block. Then, I started thread sketching a face, elephant, and a person on a 1.5 inch block. I also cut tiny pieces of fabric and thread sketched birds. The inchies range in size from 1 ” blocks to 1.5″ blocks.
Now, what do I do with these inchies? On Pinterest, you can find brooches, jewelry, ornaments, etc. made from inchies. For now, the inchies I made will be stored in a box. I had fun making these.

6 thoughts on “Inch by Inch

    1. I have read that inchies are like trading cards and also cards for gifting. I had thought of making an inchie book, but I like your idea of a box of inchies. I have the perfect wooden box for them. My son made me this box and it is very special to me.

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