February Fabric Book

One of my goals for 2020 is to make this a Scrappy New Year. I am trying to make different projects with the purpose of using up my scraps. I have started a project made of 1.5″ squares. I do not exactly know what kind of project this will be, but I have started cutting and sewing strips of the 1.5″ squares. I have also used scraps to make postcards and greeting cards.
One of the main scrappy projects I am doing this year is making fabric books. As mentioned in an earlier post, I ran across a challenge for making books….#areyoubookenough. There is a theme for each month. I like the idea of a challenge to make books; but I am loosely following the “rules” of the challenge. I wanted to make this more of a personal project. However, I do want to share the #areyoubookenough website for anyone who is interested in accepting the challenge.
I have been sidelined for a week, now, so I had some extra time to get a head start on my book for February. The theme for February is Healing. I found this quote by Hubert H. Humphrey that I thought was suitable for the theme and perfect for a February book:
                           The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.
The signatures for the book began with a 4″ x 12″ strip of muslin. Burlap, cheesecloth, satin, and cotton fabric were cut and embroidered onto the muslin. Keeping with the theme of love and healing, I made hearts and used buttons to decorate. I even used scraps of thread to make a heart. Of course, I had to have a bird in this book!
The book cover was made from Kraft-Tex. I have a bin that is filling up with blocks that I am making out of tiny scraps. I pulled one of these blocks from the bin, to sew onto the Kraft-Tex for the front of the book. There is a one inch book spine that I creased onto the Kraft-Tex. After I lined the book cover, I attached the signatures that I had sewn together. The spine was then reinforced with a two inch strip of Kraft-Tex.
I am finding these small scrappy art projects to be very enjoyable and relaxing. It will be nice to have twelve books at the end of the year.

5 thoughts on “February Fabric Book

  1. Your February book on love and friendship is gorgeous, right down to the heart shaped buttons and bluebird of happiness. I think the quotation you found on healing is perfectly true. Thank you for the link to the #areyoubookenough site

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