Fabric Postcards

One of the things I loved as a child, was receiving letters and postcards in the mail. I had a friend who lived in Corpus Christi, and we would write each other every week. I loved to buy postcards to send and just add to my collection of pretty pictures.
A few years ago, I made a some fabric postcards for my grandchildren. I have been thinking of making some postcards for Valentine, but I decided to make some just for fun.
Recently, I purchased a rubber stamp to print the postcard side. Remnants of batting, card stock, and stiff fusible interfacing were used to make the card. The official size for a postcard is 4″ X 6″. The postcard side and the stiff fusible were cut to the correct size. The batting and fabric were not cut to size until after the quilting.
When I taught first grade, my students loved when I read Junie B. Jones books by Barabar Park. My grandson loves to read the Junie B. Jones books. His teacher reads them to his class. One evening, I had the pleasure of reading one of the books to my grandson. The teacher in me loved seeing his connection and reaction to the story as it was being read. He totally enjoys hearing the antics of this funny, independent character, so I chose to make a Junie B. Jones postcard. I looked up some images of Junie and drew them on paper. I then drew them onto muslin. I added fabric for the hair and the shirt. After thread sketching the applique, I quilted a remnant of fabric to use as the top piece. I then thread sketched the applique onto the top piece.
My granddaughter loves anything with owls. I have made her owl quilts, pillowcases, totes, etc. So, why not an owl postcard? I drew an owl on some linen fabric. Then I thread sketched and cut the owl out as an applique. I found a quilt block in my “This Will Come in Handy One Day” bin. I quilted the block and cut it to size.
I had forgotten how much fun it is to make these fabric postcards. I know my grandchildren will enjoy receiving them in the mail.

4 thoughts on “Fabric Postcards

  1. Your postcards are delightful. I really enjoyed watching the video and seeing how Junie B and your owl came to life. What a lovely, cheerful start to my day. Your grandchildren are very lucky to be the recipients of these gems

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