Scrappy Day

Yesterday I was able to finish hand quilting a snowman table runner.  I chose this project in order to practice hand quilting. This was a fun learning process. I find, as Mariss of Fabrications says, that hand quilting can be addictive.

I folded the top so you could see the cute snowman fabric used on the backing.
After I finished binding the table runner, I went to store my remaining scraps in my Christmas fabric suitcase. While rummaging through the suitcase, I found the scraps from the Christmas quilt that I made for me. The fabric was too cute to discard, I had no idea what I could do with it. I thought of mug rugs, but that didn’t sound exciting.
So, I went to YouTube to look for inspiration. I found a tutorial by Yoan Sewing Studio, and immediately got to work on making a patchwork crossbody bag. In the tutorial, only three different colors are used for the patchwork. I cut all the remaining Christmas fabric I had for the patchwork. I had to find three fabrics for the lining, the backing, and the lining pockets. For the candy cane strap, I had to piece the fabric to have enough. I had the D-rings for the strap. Tomorrow, I will have to purchase the lobster clasps and the slider to attach the strap. This was a fun way to spend an afternoon. I am so happy that none of this cute fabric went to waste.
The front has a zippered pocket.
The back has a double pocket.
The lining also has a double pocket.
I hope your Monday was a fun day.



10 thoughts on “Scrappy Day

  1. Your snowman is adorable! My grandmother said it wasn’t really quilting unless it was done by hand. My hand stitches are terrible, so I learned to use the embroidery foot on my sewing machine…🙄😂 Your handiwork is so nice!

    1. Thank you. I was at a thrift shop recently where I saw a vintage hand-quilted piece. It really made me want to try it. My stitches are a bit uneven, and I am so uncertain of the hidden knots I made. It’s a start. Thanks for the encouragement.

      1. I did lots of hand quilting back in my earliest fabric wall hanging art days and while my stitches were never perfect I improved as time went on. I liked the fact that I could do the work away from the sewing machine, too, that it was portable.

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