Since today was Small Business Saturday, I visited my two favorite quilt shops in San Antonio. My friend, Francine, is the owner of Las Colchas. She and Toni opened the shop in 1981. The shop is filled with gorgeous fabric, sewing notions, and patterns. The best part of visiting with Francine is the inspiration and encouragement that she offers. Many times, I have gone into the shop with nothing more than a simple idea. Francine helps to grow, visualize, and develop my ideas. Her main advice is to just play and have fun. As I was selecting fabric, I ran across a sample table runner they had on display. It is a very simple pattern, In the Meadow, by Creek Side Stitches. What caught my eye about this cute snowman table runner, was that Toni had hand quilted it. One of my goals is to some day hand quilt a lap sized quilt. I have done a bit of hand quilting, but only on small art projects. Toni gave me some helpful hints and encouragement to try hand quilting. I was able to piece the table runner this afternoon. I plan to start hand quilting it tomorrow.

I also visited the Mesquite Bean, where I was able to find more fabric for some future projects. The shop was super busy, so I was not able to touch base with one of the many helpful employees there. I will be returning there soon, since I need advice on one of the quilts that I have in progress.

Before Thanksgiving, I made some pouches for my Meemaw friends. The Clown Car is getting ready for a trip to Round Rock, Georgetown, and Salado, Texas. We plan to attend the Christmas Strolls and visit the downtown shops in all three of these cities. The pouches will be used for our travel snacks. I used the pattern and tutorial by Marcela’s Purse.

I also painted a rock for our trip. It needs some touch up painting because the black marker smeared when I brushed on the Modge Podge.

The temperature today hit 76. I set the mood with Christmas music so I could finish binding my Christmas quilt. I’ll just drape it over the sofa to add to the Christmas decor.

I hope you enjoyed your Saturday.

7 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I love seeing all you are doing. I love the rock! Many years ago I hand quilted a queen sized quilt. It was also hand appliqued. I did not know how to machine appliqué or machine quilt back then. It was a commission from a group of bridesmaids for the bride. I am still proud of the achievement. I am sure you will enjoy hand quilting. I found it relaxing.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I bet your quilt was beautiful. You should be proud. I just prepared my table runner for quilting. Hope to get started tomorrow. The rock is something we do for fun. We leave the rock at locations we visit.

      1. Thank you. I liked how the quilt turned out. Funny, just a few days ago we were driving on the street where the woman lived who commissioned it for the bridesmaids. This whole thing was about 25 years ago. OMG.

      2. In some ways yes and then when I reflect on my art journey (I made this quilt at the beginning of when I was doing art things) there have been so many stops along the way and new things coming in all the time!

  2. There is so much to admire in this post. Your family rock is gorgeous! Also like the snowman runner and the Christmas quilt, not to mention the pouches !!
    To play and have fun is an excellent philosophy.
    Warning: hand quilting is a highly addictive activity

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