Great Week

I just returned from a great week with my three youngest grandchildren. Time was spent in the library, playing board games, reading, and having great conversations. I got some special one-on-one time with my infant grandson. It was also fun to meet with my three sons and daughter-in-laws, my friend Nancy, and my sister Emma. Of course there were some trips to quilt shops, craft shops, and thrift shops in the area. In between visits and time with my grandchildren, I researched different crafts and things to make. There are numerous YouTube tutorials on how to make a variety of pouches. I recently made a zippered box pouch that had exposed seams. One of the tutorials I discovered was by Marcela’s Purse. This tutorial is for a zippered and lined box pouch with no seams exposed. Marcela gives excellent directions. I was able to make three of these pouches in two hours.

I am looking forward to another great week. I hope you have one also.

7 thoughts on “Great Week

    1. Looking forward to seeing them. Also, I found a product that waterproofs fabric. It is called OdiCoat. I have not used it but I saw a pouch that had been treated and it was soft and shiny and waterproof. I am not using it on these pouches that I made as bags for gifts. The three I made are for my grandchildren. I give them an ornament at Thanksgiving. They can reuse these pouches for their toys or supplies. I do plan to use the OdiCoat on a new pattern for a double zipper pouch. I will post more info on this later.

  1. Glad you’ve had such a great time with your family. Thank you for sharing the link to Marcela’s tutorial – I’v shared it on my blog too and will definitely be giving it a go 🙂

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