Village Quilt

In July, two of my friends and I had our own quilting retreat in La Grange, Texas. We each worked on the same Village quilt pattern, by Jumble. The house block took seven pieces to build. This was fun, when I was working with my friends. But it got tiresome when I was working on this at home. I almost gave up on this pattern, but many of you encouraged me to go on. I had all the houses completed, and the sashing cut, but then I got busy with other projects and family fun stuff. Yesterday, I pulled out the box of houses and managed to piece four rows. It made me smile as I saw it hanging on the design wall. I finished the piecing today. Scrappy quilts are becoming my favorite type of quilt. A lot of the scraps are from my stash, but I also shared scraps with my friends. It was fun to add the different colors and designs that my friends had in their stash. My friend, Diane, helped to change the pattern to a 55″ X 63″ quilt.
The pattern shows a white border and a thin colored binding. I do not know what I want to add as a border. I know the white lets the different colors of the house pop out, but I was thinking of a black and white small polka dot…maybe. I’ll let it hang on the design wall and try different things out.

13 thoughts on “Village Quilt

  1. I am glad I follow you on Instagram as I got to see a larger/more detailed photo of this amazing quilt! I love how it has progressed and glad you did not give up on the tedious piecing of all those houses!
    That is a great idea to just let it hang out and simmer and then you’ll figure out what you want to do with it next!

  2. I missed your question on any ideas, oops. I just re-read your post and I agree – scrappy quilts are my favorites too! I plan to focus at some point on only making stuff from scraps 🙂

    1. I just couldn’t get rid of the scraps. I was questioning at what point to saving scraps become hoarding…but I like to make small art with the scraps. Maybe one day I will make a scrap quilt. In the meantime, I need a bigger house!

      1. You know I am not the best person to ask “at what point is saving scraps become hoarding?” because my answer is: “is there even a point of stopping” – ha 🙂

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