Home…And Still Celebrating

So far, October has been a blessed month. Lots of celebration going on.
In the spirit of celebration, and happy to be back in my sewing room, I made two fabric journals.
The first fabric journal I made was for celebrating the one-year wedding anniversary of my youngest son. I have a bag of quilted fabric pillows that are based on Teesha Moore’s style. I used one long pillow rectangle to make the front and back of a very small journal. Small buttons were sewn into the spine of the journal. I printed some “love” quotes onto fabric.  A house and a heart charm were added to two of the pages.The hand-stitching was a great way to relax and ease into getting back in the groove of making things.
Anniversary Fabric Journal

My granddaughter is interested in art and crafting. In between spending time with the baby, she and I kept busy with other things. She hand-stitched some of the fabric pillows I had prepared. I used some of the pillows she sewed to make the cover for her Big Sister Fabric Journal. There is a superhero theme in her and the baby’s room…Batman and Wonder Woman, so I included some detachable ornaments in the journal.

I am so thankful for this October. I plan to keep on celebrating all the way into November.😁

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