While in Seattle, I visited the Undercover Quilts store. I purchased a pattern and fabric kit, Blue Moon, by Janine Burke. I rarely buy kits, but I liked the color scheme of the fabric chosen for the pattern. I wasn’t totally sold on the fabric being Batik, only because I had difficulty with the fabric the first time I used it in to make a quilt. This is only the second time I have made anything with Batik.
At the onset of making this quilt, I had an encounter with a rotary blade. The finger is healing, but will never be the same. I worked with a  nine-finger handicap piecing this quilt, but I finally finished today. One thing I do like about this quilt is that it reminds me of my great trip to Seattle with my daugher-in-law. The blues and greens are the colors of Seattle, and some of the fabric has a sea design.
I looked for tips on sewing with Batiks, but did not find anything new or useful. Now, I am trying to decide if I want to back the quilt with Batik or cotton. Any input, tips, or suggestions is welcomed.
Soon, I will be off to take care of my granddaughter, as we await the birth of her brother. I am one excited Grammy.

15 thoughts on “Batiks

  1. Hi Chela,
    I’ve been working with batiks for a while now … I find that batiks are a bit stiffer than most cotton, but do soften with multiple washes. For the most part, I do back most of my batik quilts with either cotton or flannel. I like my quilts to be soft and cuddly. When working with batiks, I find I need to change my blade in the rotary cutter more often and also change the needle in the machine more frequently. (These are due to the close weave of batiks)
    Have fun awaiting your new grandson! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I was wondering if a flannel would work well as a backing. It’s good to know that washing will make it softer. That was one of my concerns. Thanks for the tip about changing the blade and the needle. I appreciate your helpful tips. The baby will be born this Friday!

  2. Yay! Undercover Quilts! I’ve been there – many times! It in the Pike Place Market area. I love Batiks and sorry to hear you had a rotary blade boo-boo. It is an irritating injury and I’ve had one many times. Hope it was not too deep! As far as backing your lovely quilt – a batik backing with a batik quilt looks awesome however a long arm quilter once told me it is more difficult to quilt when there are batiks on both sides. I’ve gone both ways but it seems like I have backed my batik quilts with cotton or flannel (if I plan to snuggle under it)

    1. Thanks for the tip. I had thought of flannel, but did not know if it would work well or look good. I do want it to be snuggly. The finger is healing. Since I actually sliced off a chunk of finger, there was nothing to stitch. The open wound is closing, finally, but my finger is stiff. I was told to do finger exercises😄

  3. Batiks are my absolute favorite to work with — I like that they are slightly heavier than regular quilting cottons. I do back my batik projects with cotton. Batiks do soften just cotton when you wash them. sorry about your blade injury!

    1. I think batiks are beautiful, but the first quilt I made with them was used for decorating the park conservatory office. I found it different to work with this fabric, and I was wondering if this second one I made would be snuggly and withstand usage. I’m leaving tomorrow to take care of my granddaughter and the birth of her brother. I’m so excited.

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