Moving Forward

Thanks for all who sent well wishes about my finger. In response to Sandy’s (Gray Barn Designs) sewing humor, my finger is “on the mend”.😄 My pointing finger will actually be pointy when it is totally healed. According to my doctor’s instructions, I have been spending time with my finger wound uncovered. This has prevented me from doing any cooking…Oh, darn! I have also not done much of anything else, in order to give my finger a chance to remain uncovered. I was told it would heal better if I did not keep it bandaged too much.
I have also been a bit hesitant and rotary blade-shy. I took stock of all the sharp and pointy tools used in sewing, and I made a commitment to Safety First. Today was my first day to try things out. I do have to move my finger so it won’t stay stiff. I bandaged the finger, took a deep breath, and picked up the rotary blade. I managed to cut the remaining fabric for the Blue Moon quilt. The fabrics are beautiful Batiks from Hoffman, Timeless Treasures and Robert Kaufman Fabrics.
I used a ruler gripper to cut this time, but not a glove. I’ll use a glove when my finger is totally healed. The gripper worked quite well. It feels much better to have my fingers above and away from the rotary blade!

I was also managed to sew black strips to 24 colored strips. It was a bit clumsy at first, but it got better.
My hand-stitching projects are out of the question for now. Hopefully, it will not take too long to get back to these projects.
In the meantime, I have signed up for a free online workshop by Shannon Brinkley, on how to grow your unique style.
I am also studying YouTube videos by Jude Hill. She makes beautiful spirit cloths. Her tutorials are inspirational. Once my finger is fully healed, and the flexibility returns, I would like to try creating my own versions of spirit cloths.
Any suggestions or recommended tutorials are greatly appreciated. I want to keep busy as I move forward in this healing process.

10 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Glad you are committed to safety first! A rotary blade injury is not the most embarrassing in my opinion – I’ve actually SEWED through my finger with my sewing machine needle. That was a nasty injury (and embarrassing) and the worse thing is I later discovered that I had a pocket of thread (with pus – ewwww) in my wound – but the body had tried to protect itself from the foreign body and created the pocket around the tiny piece of thread. Yes this is way too much info but as the finger was nearly healed I discovered thread growing out of it – ick!

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