Finger Update

It looks like I won’t be working on my new quilt project for a while. As mentioned in an earlier post, I sliced a piece of my pointing finger with the rotary blade. I thought the cleaning and bandaging I did last night was enough. But when I went to clean it this morning, the bleeding started up again and I could see the finger was swollen. I am glad I decided to go to a clinic today. The PA pulled a piece of fabric out of the skin…Yikes! 😲 I really did a number on this finger. It is now cleaned and hopefully on the road to healing.
Next item on my list : Purchase a ruler gripper😉

14 thoughts on “Finger Update

  1. I also purchased the Martelli rotary cutter that is ergonomically correct. It is easier on my arthritis (which we all have if we live long enough) and I can put my index finger over the blade cover, thus improving control of the blade. Let me know what kind of gripper you get and if you like it after trying it out. I’ve not had much luck with them so far.

  2. OMG. I totally sympathize. Twenty years ago I sliced about half the top digit of my left index finger off, diagonally from knuckle to tip. I had to call the ambulance since I was alone at home and neighbors at work. Embarrassing but necessary. The rotary cutter made a perfect cut. Oh yes. It healed fine but still a finger a little odd shaped. I hope you will feel better soon and I’ll send out vibes to you for fast healing.

      1. You will be fine, it just takes time. My finger works fine, and after all this time has filled out and does not look odd, unless you study it. I developed quite a fear of rotary cutters, though, and never used one much again.

      2. Thanks for the encouragement. My finger feels better but looks gross. It’s going to be a while before I can get back to using a blade. I ordered some tools that supposedly lessen the chance of accidents.

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