Enough is Enough

It is taking me longer than I would like to get rid of this cough and cold that I caught on the last days of my trip to Seattle. Even though I am not at 100%, enough is enough.  My To-Do List kept calling me, so last night, I started binding one of three quilts that need to be bound. I want to get this done before I get back to piecing the house quilt that is in progress. I also have a new quilt I want to begin, using the fabric I bought in Seattle.
Is there anyone who likes binding quilts? I find it so tedious. Yet, the finishing touch it adds to the quilt is quite satisfactory.
In between binding, I have started making some fabric quilt pouches. When I was researching fabric quilt books and junk journals, I ran across art work by Teesha Moore. These pouches are perfect for creating small artwork while watching TV or just relaxing. Right now, I have no plan for using these pouches as book covers, bags, or wall hangings. I am just enjoying making them. Here is the link to four tutorials on how to make fabric pouches by Teesha Moore.
Recently, I have become interested in crows. I have been reading about the meaning and symbolism of crows. There are both negative and positive symbols. I am choosing to believe that a crow may be a symbol of life magic and mysteries . A crow can also symbolize intelligence, flexibility and destiny. This morning, I sketched  a crow on muslin. Then I pieced different black fabrics to fit the form which I sketched. After gluing the black and orange fabric, I ironed double back fusible to the crow. Then I machine stitched the crow, so I could cut it out. I ironed the crow applique I made to a green fabric. Then I followed Teesha Moore’s process for making a pouch.

Now that I have had some fun, I need to get back to binding.


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