Quick Fix

My Juki sewing machine is back in order. Apparently, there was a screw loose…in the bobbin encasement…not me!🤪 It is the tiniest of screws, and we can’t figure out what made it loose.  The technician says he’s never seen a case like this. He kept asking me if I had adjusted it. I didn’t even know it was there! The loose screw was the culprit causing the tension problems. After the technician adjusted the tension, he checked out other parts and tidied up a bit. No charge, since I had just had it serviced this summer. I tried the machine out at the store and it seems to be back on track. I’ll put it to use when I return to my sewing room. Now there is no reason to be looking at new machines. Well, I’ll still keep looking, but there is no need to buy another one😁

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