My math has been totally off on these last two projects. I was short on fabric for finishing the border on my quilt. Now, I am short on fabric to make 4 fabric rope plates. Each plate takes 3/4 of a yard. Instead of using scraps, I purchased 4 different blue fabrics. Alas, I only purchased enough to make two plates. I finished one yesterday, and today I went back to the Mesquite Bean to purchase what I needed. I think my car is beginning to just automatically drive to this quilt shop. I need to take a crash refresher course in math measurements. 😁
I am making these fabric rope plates for my brother who will celebrate a birthday next month. He is a fantastic cook, and he always sets a great table.

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8 thoughts on “Oops!

    1. I found it a bit tricky when I made my first fabric rope bowl. I had to figure out the right stitch length for the zig zag to catch both sides. After a few trials, this got easier. The plates are also easier because they are flat. With a bowl, the shape depends on the angle in which you hold the rope. I never really know how my bowls are going to turn out. They are all different.

      1. I’ve seen fabric bowls at art fairs I have participated in and I always marvel at them, for the reasons you said, they seem technically difficult and have minds of their own as to how they turn out. (which the latter I think is a fun aspect of making them, at least to me, I do enjoy some serendipity in my projects). I marvel that you can seemingly almost effortlessly turn out such beauties.

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