Ready for Christmas

We are hitting temperatures of 100+, but I have Christmas in mind. I was able to complete the piecing of a stack n’whack Christmas quilt. The fabric I chose was from the Sweet Christmas line by Moda. I found the pattern idea on The Little Fabric Blog by Angie. Super easy, quick, and fun to make.

The binding will be a green, holly fabric.

Today’s small art piece is another spread the word quilt block.

10 thoughts on “Ready for Christmas

  1. I like the Christmas quilt a lot. I think it’s a refreshing thing to be working on this time of year. I am also very touched and thankful for your small quilt blocks and the words they carry.

    1. The Christmas quilt was a good distraction. It says “merry” in a fun, light, rhythmical tone. The words chosen are from people who were my inspiration when I was young. Their words still have great meaning.

    1. The only reason I started this early is that I was making one for a friend and I had a deadline. The second one I made is just on a fluke…I saw the pattern on Pinterest and had already seen the perfect fabric. I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas quilt.

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