Playing With Fabric

Ever since I completed the 100 Day Project, I have been trying to find another form of small art to start my mornings. I like playing with fabric scraps, so I thought a few fabric collages might be fun. I found some practice quilt blocks that I made when I first started piecing quilts. I pulled one out to use as a background for a bird collage. First, I stitched-in-the ditch. Then I drew a bird outline on muslin. I used fabric glue to add six different fabric scraps to form the bird.  I used my Karen Kay Buckley scissors to cut the bird. These are the best scissors ever. I purchased them with a gift certificate my granddaughter gave me for my birthday. I used Aurofil variegated thread to thread sketch the bird.

5 thoughts on “Playing With Fabric

      1. I think in my experience of collage, any medium you do it in, it is always a challenge to make the parts work together and to know when enough is enough (I tend to like a lot of busyness and it took me time to understand about seeing the whole picture). I think this bird image is perfect and I like how the piecing of the fabric is also an element in how it “reads” as an image. It made me think of mosaic work I have done where you have to pay attention to the grout lines you are creating as you arrange the tiles.

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