Peanuts Quilt

As mentioned in an earlier post, my sister asked if I could make a quilt for her son. He will be 50 soon. He has always been a fan of the Peanut characters. He still decorates his home with seasonal Peanut decorations. My sister had been purchasing Peanut character fabric throughout the years. She gave me a tote bag filled with remnants and half yardage of old fabric. The fabric was in good shape, just old. I purchased a panel that had three different character scenes. I chose one for the center, and just built from there. My sister said she would use the other two parts from the panel to make pillows or pillowcases. I purchased red, orange, yellow, and charcoal fabric to make the center boarders. I also used some white and black thin striped fabric, and some white with red polka-dot fabric from my stash. The character fabric was used in making a keyboard quilt border. For the backing, I cut 12.5 inch squares from the character fabric.
I delivered the quilt to my sister today, and she was very happy. My sister is a master gardener. I thought the garden would be a good setting to take the photos of the quilt.

4 thoughts on “Peanuts Quilt

  1. This is such a happy quilt and I think your design keeps the playfulness of the subject without looking haphazard or forced. I think that is hard to accomplish and I am sure the recipient will be thrilled with this gift!

      1. I think that as an artist gains skills and experience, more and more instinct and the unconscious mind and wherever else ideas come from, these all are freer and the hands, the eyes, and the focus are more free too. I always love seeing what new things you are developing and what comes next.

      2. Thank you. My sister is an artist and she has encouraged me to have confidence in my art decisions, try new things, and trust my instinct. I always look forward to reading your posts.

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