Christmas in July

It is a hot and humid 94 degrees, and I was inside making Christmas house blocks for the Village quilt.
I do not know what my friends and I were thinking when we decided to make this quilt. It is cute, but there are so many pieces!
If I am going to ever complete this quilt, I knew I needed to come up with a system. A lot of the house pieces are cut, but I have cut some more in order to add variety. It makes it easier to “build” a house when there are many possible fabric combination. All of the character and chimney pieces were cut before we went on our retreat. I find it easier to pull the fabric needed for each house on one morning.
Then, I chain-sew the house and door portions. This is followed by chain-sewing the roof and chimneys. Finally, the roofs and houses are chain sewn.
I may have made too many Christmas houses for this quilt. When it is time for placing them on the design wall, I will decide if I will use all of the Christmas houses or not. My friend, Marti, suggested I make an Advent Calendar by adding a door that opens. Cute idea, but I am not going there. šŸ˜‰

My favorite Christmas houses.

57 house blocks
75 more to go

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