My nephew will be celebrating a big birthday this year. He is and has always been a fan of Charles Shulz and the Peanuts characters. Even now, he decorates his home with Peanuts seasonal decorations. My sister, Adri, had a bag of licensed Peanut fabric that she had purchased over the years. Some were remnants from projects she made when her son was a child. There were also half yards of many different seasonal Peanuts characters.
My sister is very crafty and can sew really well. She has made many children’s blankets, but she has never pieced a quilt. She told me that she wanted to use this fabric to make a special quilt for her son’s birthday. I volunteered to make it for her, before I knew what I was getting into. šŸ˜€
When I saw the fabric, I did not know where to start. There were so many colors, different seasons, and different sizes of fabric. Also, the fabric is old and not quilt shop quality. I let the fabric sit on my table for a few months, before I decided to tackle it.
Originally, I thought I would make a nine patch type of quilt, or a big block quilt. There were a lot of fall and Christmas fabrics, and a few spring fabrics. This made it difficult for me to figure out how to make a balanced quilt.
I ordered a panel with three different possibilities to use as a focus point. The problem with the panel was the rectangular and odd measurement of each piece. I went to the Mesquite Bean and purchased some red, yellow, black, and orange fabric. I had some red-on-white polka-dot fabric in my bin. I looked through quilt magazines for ideas, but nothing jumped out at me. I finally decided to just start cutting, hoping the quilt would begin to take shape. I started on the main panel on Sunday and was able to make a center and ended with the heart corners. Today, I cut some of the licensed fabric to make a keyboard side border. I need to add more length than width. I am at a “What’s next?” point, so I hung it up so I can think about it. I did cut 12.5″ blocks out of the licensed fabric to make the backing.
This is what I have so far:

I have not shared this with my sister, yet.

3 thoughts on “Peanuts

  1. I see what you are saying here. The theme and the layout is so strongly directed by the image, it’s hard to figure how to complement it with other fabrics and designs without the whole thing becoming chaotic or else losing the point. For some reason the color scheme makes me think of candy, like M&M’s. I don’t know how that sheds any light on anything except I do think the quilt looks happy. I’ll be interested to see how it turns out and what you decide to do next.

      1. I like the way it turned out and how you handled filling in the space you needed to get the correct length. I think it’s cheerful and well-designed, and it looks very comfy, too, to give a nice feeling when it’s wrapped around a person!

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