Chelabrating with My Sisters

My sisters Chelabrated with me today. We had breakfast at Buttermilk Cafe in New Braunfels. It was a great place to chat and laugh with my sisters. I thread sketched a Silly Sister Selfie to capture this moment. It is the 67th entry of the 100th Day Project. This is the second time I sketch the three of us, but it is different from the first one. I am the one in the center.

After a relaxing a bit upon returning home, I thought it would be a good time to finish a project I started two days ago. This project is the result of me trying to organize my closet. I ran across a pair of jeans that were 3 sizes ago. My ego told me that I would fit into them again soon, since health and wellness is on my Chelabration list. Common sense told me that losing 3 sizes might be a bit unrealistic. I also realized that this was a very old pair of jeans that were a bit worn. Too worn for donation. So, I decided to upcyle the jeans into a small tote. Needless to say, the closet remains disorganized.
Sometimes, I just want a small bag to carry the essentials and nothing else. I also wanted a small essentials tote that could be placed into my larger sling messenger bag. I thought the denim would make a good small tote.
I started by cutting around the two back pockets. I cut it at 6.5″ X 7.5″ . I added a 2.5″ strip to the top in order to give me enough space to add the button. My original plan was to use both pockets, one for the front piece and one for the back. I decided to just use one jean pocket for the front. I made a lining with two pockets instead.
I cut the bottom portion of one jean leg to make the back piece of the tote. It was enough to match the size of the front piece without adding anything to it. I boro stitched the whole back piece. For the front pocket, I just boro stitched a heart.
I cut along the seam of the jean legs to use the seam as the purse strap. I had to sew two seams together to make it a cross shoulder length strap. I cut out the button, leaving an inch on each side. I also cut the button hole waist band to use for the flap. I used the jean loops for the tabs to hold the strap. I had to use key rings because I forgot to insert the jean loops into a D ring before I sewed in the loops. 🙄 Oops!
I have enough jean left over to make another tote. Plus, there are many denim pieces that can be used for stitching projects.
Now, I have a small bag to hold my essentials. I can also put this small tote in my sling messenger bag when I need to carry other things. This way, I can always find my keys, phone, glasses, and other stuff that usually get lost in a big bag.

11 thoughts on “Chelabrating with My Sisters

  1. I love the thread sketch! What a nice reminder of your sisters who mean so much to you! Your bag is cute, I think I need to make something like this as I am always losing my keys and phone to the bottomless bit of a big tote bag. Once again, you’ve inspired me to try something new, thank you!

  2. Haha. I recently got rid of some jeans from the 1990s! Even if I could ever get more than my little to into them again, they are SO out of style 🙂

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