Fabric Poetry Journal

The other day, I found this YouTube video by Gina Ahrens. She demonstrated a quick and easy way make a fabric journal with scraps of denim, muslin, and whatever is available. I loved the uneven edges and scrappy look. I had been wanting to make some sort of Poetry Month project, and I thought this journal was just perfect for this project.
I pulled out some scraps of denim, muslin, and lace and made two journals. The journal I made with a lace cover has been set aside for now.
The second journal I made and dedicated it to my mom. Mom loved birds, as do I. The birds would come to her kitchen window and let her know they were ready to be fed. We would sit out on her back porch swing and listen to and watch the birds.
For the cover of the book, I used an art piece from my sister. I had asked if I could print her birds on fabric and embroider them. The embroidery was finished this past March, but I did not know how I was going to use the piece. It makes a perfect cover. I used an old floral handkerchief for the free end covers. I also used some birds that I had stamped onto muslin. The blue thread sketched bird on the first page was the bird I made when I was first trying to learn how to thread sketch. For the border, I tried out some of the stitches that I can make on my sewing machine. I have not really taken the time to try the various stitches, and I found it quite enjoyable. The yellow triangular bird and the heart with the bird that is on the cover, were made from quilted scraps that were in my sewing trash bin. One of my goals is to learn different embroidery stitches, so I took the opportunity to try some new stitches out.
Throughout the process of making this journal, my sewing room became a disaster. Thread, buttons, ribbon, scraps….a huge mess. It took time, but I was determined to clean and organize. I do not like starting the day with a messy sewing room.


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