Rope vs. Batting

It has been over a year since I made a fabric bowl using clothesline rope. There was just enough fabric strips left from the coffee bar slice rug I made the other day.

There was some leftover rope in my craft bins, so I decided to make a medium size bowl. I have done two types of rope bowls. One technique is wrapping the fabric around the rope and then sewing directly on the clothesline. The other technique involves folding the fabric wrong sides together and in half. Then, the fabric is folded with each raw edge to the middle. The rope is placed in the center. Then the right side of the fabric is folded up and over the rope; followed by folding the left side up and over the fabric.
After struggling with folding the fabric today, I realized that I prefer the wrapping technique rather than the folding technique.

There were also leftover strips from the Justice League rug that I made my grandson. I had some of the pre-cut batting leftover. Since I did not want to hassle with the rope again, I made a bowl using the batting. I do so much prefer using batting. It lays flat, and it is easier to catch both sides of the fabric.

There is still plenty of rope left in my craft bin. If and when I make another rope bowl, I will use scraps from my stash to wrap around the rope. This way, there will be no wasted fabric or rope. And, it will be easier than using the folded fabric method.

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