New Project

Quite a few months ago, I purchased the Jelly-Roll Rug pattern by R. J. Designs. I set it aside since I was not quite ready to tackle the project. Recently, I have been viewing tutorials, such as The Ultimate Jelly Roll Rug by Quilt Addicts Anonymous. The tutorial is based on the pattern by R. J. Designs, and Stephanie provides the visual I needed to understand the pattern. The tutorial respects the designers pattern and does not reveal measurement or certain information. I also viewed a tutorial by Jenny of Missouri Star Co., who also based her tutorial on this same pattern. There were other tutorials that demonstrated technique and tips. Some were based on other patterns, some mentioned no specific pattern. All of the tutorials I viewed, gave tips on how to keep the rug from curving up and how to make it stay flat. This is my main concern. I have made fabric coiled rope bowls, and I realize that the angle in which I hold the fabric shapes the curve of the bowl. I think it will be difficult keeping the fabric flat as I am zig-zagging and it gets larger. I will tackle this part tomorrow.
Last night, I cut the strips of fabric. My grandson said he wanted a red, blue, and green rug. I could not find a jelly roll that had only these colors, but I did have some fabric in my bins. I also purchased some yellow and Justice League fabric.ย  I cut 40 strips, 2.5″ X 42″. I sewed those strips together. This morning, I made the coil ball. Most of the tutorials recommend using the pre-cut batting jelly roll. I had purchased the pre-cut batting jelly roll, because I wanted to save some time. I found that the rolls of batting are thin and I think they will be better than the batting that I usually use.
I arranged my strips in a fan fold to facilitate making the cord ball.

This ball should make a 30″ X 44″ area rug.
I will do some rearranging of my tables in order to accommodate laying the fabric as flat as possible.
Wish me luck!

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