DIY Phone Pouch

This was the phone that sat on a “phone table” in the hallway of my childhood home.
I did not “need” to have this phone with me at all times.
So, why do I “need” my phone now?

I am all for technology, and I do see the value of having my phone with me. But, there are times that I pick up my phone to check on things…just out of habit. I am trying to break this habit, and just use the phone for real reasons.
That said, I made two phone pouches today. 😉 These pouches will facilitate carrying the phone in a manner that is more convenient than in your pocket, arm pouch, or purse. I received a request to make a phone pouch, and that is what got me started. I made one for my cousin. When I showed it to my sister, she expressed that she wanted one also. I think I will make a pouch for me to use when I go for my walks. I take the phone on my walks for emergency purposes. On occasion, I use it to take a photo of something that catches my eye…like snails or dandelions😊.

I found two tutorials for making phone pouches. One is a tutorial by Carole’s Cricut Crafts. I do not have a Cricut, but I liked the simple pattern for making this pouch.  The other phone pouch tutorial is by Angela Boone. I liked the idea of pockets to hold keys or ID. I combined some ideas from both of these tutorials to make the black and white polka-dot pouch. I used fusible foam to add some protection for the phone. These pouches are very easy to make in a short amount of time. It took 45 minutes max to make the first one. (Blue fabric with dogs). The black and white pouch took only 30 minutes.

I cut the blue fabric at 4.5″ x 7.5″. It  holds an iPhone.

I cut this fabric at 5.5″ x 7.5″. It holds an iPhoneX.

9 thoughts on “DIY Phone Pouch

  1. I love this idea. Since I hope to begin walking again as soon as the snow disappears, this could be a perfect solution for safety. I’m going to try to make one this weekend!

  2. I like the phone pouch!
    I remember at my grandmother’s house there being a dedicated area for the rotary phone! I also remember as a kid when we moved up to the big leagues from a rotary phone to a push button phone! I remember that long cord as I tried to pull it into the closet so I could loudly gossip with my Jr. High school friend after school – ha!

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