Floral Pets~Day 6

“Think left and think right and think low and think high.
Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”
Dr. Seuss

My goal for today was to make the final border for the Floral Pet quilt. I reviewed two of my latest resource books for ideas, Collaborative Quilting and Collaborate Again by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran. In the Parts Department segments of these books, there are many examples of blocks that can be used to make unique borders.
I had enough of a floral Kaffe Fassett fabric to make a solid strip border. I thought it didn’t add anything to the quilt top.

I wanted some black with white fabric to be placed next to white with black polka-dot border, in order to tone it down. I have enough of three different types of black and white fabric, that have already been used in the framing strips around the pets.

At first, I tried a four patch square on points.

I liked the angle, but thought it might be too small.
Then, I tried just a four patch block with black and white blocks included in block. I was thinking of adding the blue floral for the corners to make the four block on point. The blue did not do much for the white and black polka dot border.

I tried just a simple four block, but this seemed “too square”. It did not add anything special to the quilt top.
Next, I tried a four square on points, using a black and white fabric for the corners. This was a bit too large, but I trimmed it down (not shown in photo), and I think this might be the border I use.

I made some four squares. If I do not use them for this quilt, they will be used in some other project.
I am working with scraps that were left over from a quilt that I made for one of my daughter-in-laws. I think turning these scraps into a border is assuring that this pretty fabric does not go to waste.
Quilt that I made for my daughter-in-law.
Front                       Back

Four Patches made from scraps

This definitely has been a thinking-kind of day. Thanks to Melanie at Catbird Quilt Studio. I have been using the Project Process she posted on her blog. It has really been helpful.
I also want to give a shout out to my sister, Emma. I bugged her all afternoon. I kept sending her photos and asking questions. I appreciate her input.

10 thoughts on “Floral Pets~Day 6

  1. This is very cute! I like the flying geese a lot! Isn’t it fun to have a sister you can bug? I bug mine all the time…fun way to stay in touch! What did we do before electronic communication??

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