Impulse Buy

The only cameras I own are my iPhone and a Go-Pro. I have limited experience with the Go-Pro. I have viewed tutorials on how to use the camera and I have used it a few times. I need to learn what to do with the footage I take with the camera.
I am happy with the camera on my phone, and it is my go-to camera. The other day, I gave into an impulse and bought an instax mini 9. It was also a type of nostalgic buy. I used to have one of those old instant cameras. I know the film on that instant camera was not the best, but I enjoyed using it in the classroom back in the day.
I thought the instax might be fun to take on outings with my Meemaw friends and my grandchildren. I read some positive reviews on this mini camera. I plan to try it out soon.
I made a tote that has enough room for the camera, extra film, my phone and wallet.
Another impulse buy for today was at Las Colchas. I went for the purpose of buying fabric for the backing of my quilt. I also ended up buying some yardage and fat quarters that caught my eye. So, I have already used up my January and February budget for fabric. Oops!

12 thoughts on “Impulse Buy

  1. Oops! Fabric budget blown, but February is a short month. It’s not even leap year so in five weeks you have a new month’s budget to spend. In the meantime, you can learn and play with your new toy . . . and use that new fabric. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Oh so cool! I was considering getting one of these cameras awhile ago because they do look so fun and nostalgic. I’m intrigued again and have some left over Christmas $$…hmmmm 📸
    You will have to share some photos of you instant photos!
    The bag is adorable as the camera and budgets are really just “estimates” anyway, right?!! 😊

      1. She and I usually sit in the back of the car when we travel, and we share a room. I am in the process of making a Flat Kay doll…as in the Flat Stanley books. This way, she can experience the trip with us. Are you familiar with Flat Stanley?

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