Headband DIY

When I was with my granddaughter last week, she was still wearing her reindeer headband. We went in search of new headbands, but we only found one with sequined cat ears. Of course, this cat-ear headband was a must, but my granddaughter also asked if I could make her another headband. I had previously made her a fabric origami headband.

This afternoon, I looked for some tutorials. I found only one that I thought my granddaughter would like.
It is a tutorial on How to Make a Diamond Ribbon Headband by Sheryl. She gives very good directions and visuals at a good pace.
Since my granddaughter likes sequins, I purchased a red strip. I hot glued the sequins strip onto the top of the band.Then I slip-stitched some black felt onto the underside of the band. The band is flexible and has a rubber bottom, so she will be able to shape it to her head.
I added some shiny hearts on top of the sequins.
I do not know how durable these will be, but I hope she can have some fun wearing them.
Now, I want to get down to making another quilt.
I have been working on a design, and tomorrow, I plan to start pulling fabric.

7 thoughts on “Headband DIY

  1. Hi Chela! What a fun post. Of course the cat ears were a must – I might have been tempted to get them for myself. HAHA! How fun with the red hearts and sequins. I know I will be decorating some headbands in my future, but not for a few years since she’s just over one week old. ~smile~ Roseanne

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