Own It

In the past, I have dabbled with writing, especially writing poetry. As a teacher, I wrote every day, in order to model the process for my students. I love reading poetry. I like to follow the blogs of
Esther Cohen and Claudia McGillTheir poetry has inspired me to write poems again.
Also, my sister Emma introduced me to a group of poets who write custom poems for people. These poets published a book of their poems , typewriter rodeo. In this book there is a poem, Spare Hair, written about my sister, by Kari Anne.This past weekend, Emma attended a workshop presented by these typewriter poets. Last night, in a phone conversation, she shared some of the valuable information she learned at this workshop.
All of this has motivated me to write a poem every day. I only share these poems with my sister, and I usually write a disclaimer on the quality of the poem. In our phone conversation, Emma reminded me to own my writing…no more disclaimers. My younger sister is giving me advice.😉
A year ago, I purchased the pen fabric from Spoonflower , with the intention of making something for Emma. On Saturday, I finally put the fabric to good use. I made a notebook pouch and a pen pouch for Emma. They are in the mail today.

For the larger notebook pouch, I again followed the tutorial by Alanda Craft.
For the smaller pouch, I followed the tutorial of Jenny Doan.

19 thoughts on “Own It

  1. She’s right! There’s no need to apologize, ever, for the quality of your creativity. There is no judge, no poetry police, no one else you need to satisfy. Good advice. 🙂

  2. Hi Chela! I truly think that having these beautiful journals will definitely inspire your sister to journal. I think you need to make some covers for yourself as well. You do such a nice job, and you know you have some fabric you LOVE in your stash that you’ve been saving. Or perhaps a special shopping trip is warranted. Writing poetry seems to be a lost art and one that should certainly be encouraged and cultivated. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. I agree that poetry should be encouraged and cultivated. I used to have my students write every day. I need to practice what I preached😜 I’ve made me some pouches. I’m painting some journal pages to be used for writing later.

  3. Thank you for the mention. And I am thrilled that another poet is joining the world. I think your goal setting is a good thing. When I do this kind of thing it sort of takes the pressure off me, because all I have to do is write (no one said how good it had to be!) I think I have learned from keeping at it, that I enjoy it more and more, and I get more skill as I go along. I hope to see your work in this area on the blog? When you are ready?

  4. This is off the topic, but I wasn’t sure how to contact you. I wanted to say, I looked up your sister’s site, and her work is enchanting. I ordered a couple of her books from our library system and I look forward to seeing them in person. !!!

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