New Year’s Eve

I’m ending the year watching movies and stitching. I’m working on my version of a Vision board. I pulled out some blocks I had pieced a few months ago; and now I’m adding some embroidery and beads. My younger sister, Emma, and I had a great discussion about goals. She came up with three: Create, Focus, Enough. My original goals were similar: Create, Persist, Enjoy. But then I asked my sister if  she would mind if I adopted her goals, since I definitely need to focus and know when it is enough…time to stop second guessing or being over critical of my work. Of course she said I could.

I found some letter stamps in a bin, and stamped my goals on fabric. The block is still in progress.


8 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Letter stamps!! What kind of ink did you use? I think the words are pretty similar either way. You need focus to persist, don’t you? And knowing how much is enough is helpful in appreciating and enjoying what we already have. Good that you have someone special (your sis) to talk about these ideas with. Happy New Year!

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