Notebook Pouch

In preparation for 2019, I have purchased my new calendar, journal, sketchbook, Moleskines, and pens. This time around, I want to be more organized and have all of these items in one place. I looked on YouTube for tutorials on how to make a pouch that would be just the right size for my stuff. I found a very good video, by Alanda Craft.
The pouch was very easy to make, thanks to the great tutorial by Alanda Craft. I cut and prepared the pieces this morning, before I left for a luncheon. It took about 15 minutes to sew it all together when I returned home. On paper, I am ready for 2019!😉
I have been reading the many goals and vision statements people are posting on their blogs. Melanie, of Catbird Quilt Studio posted a thought provoking list of things she learned or had reinforced this year. This got me to thinking. I’m in the midst of seasonal fun-craziness right now, but I plan to sit and reflect on 2018, and project for 2019, when things settle down after the 25th. In the meantime, I now have a pouch to carry all my stuff.
 These three books, plus my pens and two Moleskines fit in the pouch below.

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