Snow Owl

With bandaged fingers, I was able to bind the small Snow Owl quilt I pieced for my granddaughter. This is the first time I used Minky fabric for a backing. I was looking online for washing instructions. I wish I had done this before I used Minky. Everything I read had major restrictions on washing and drying Minky. I consulted with my friend, and she says that she has washed Minky in cold water and has dried it in the dryer with no problem. I will find out the hard way, I guess. Although, I did wash and dry a Minky pillow cover I made for my granddaughter, and there was not a problem.
Any suggestions or shared experiences with washing Minky  would be appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Snow Owl

  1. What a beautiful Snow Owl! I have sewn some Minky things and given them as gifts, so I am not sure how they survived the washer and dryer. It just seems like it should be washable and dried in a dryer because it’s used in so many children’s blankets and quilts. Wish I could be more help!

  2. Hi Chela! I think you’ve crossed the hardest part of Minky, and that’s the sewing part. I have not used it personally but several friends have without issue other than it stretches easily. Washing and drying should be a snap other than some shedding, I would expect. I look forward to hearing how it goes though! I’m hoping for no issues for you! Happy Happy Saturday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Happy Saturday, Roseanne. I will try washing it this week. As for sewing with it again…I do not think so! I only chose Minky because my granddaughter loves it. I have made two pillow covers with it and that is all she wrote on Minky.

  3. I’ve been avoiding Minky but I hope it works out! Some of my quilting friends swear by it. They told me the secret is to put it in the dryer before you start making something with it, to gather many of the loose fibers.

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