Note to Self: Start Earlier

I thought I had given myself plenty of time to make the seasonal crafts I like to gift on Thanksgiving. The time away from my studio led to a mad rush upon my return home. I like to help my family start their Christmas by giving them something seasonal on Thanksgiving Day. In the past two days, I made three sets of place mats, two hot pads, one sock snowman, and eight pillow covers. Now, I need to cut and piece an owl quilt that hopefully can be quilted in time for Christmas.

I made the mistake of putting the zipper on the top of the pillow!πŸ‘€

My work table was a mess!

Nancy gave me these vintage panels. One has a red backing and the other has a green backing.

This is one of the hot plates I made out of coiled rope, covered by fabric. I used the remaining fabric from the place mats that I made. I didn’t take photos of the place mats or other hot plates.

One of the favorite activities I used to do with my students during December, was reading The Snowman, by Raymond Briggs. We would also view the video…the music is beautiful. The story is wordless. The students made snowmen out of socks. Then they drew pictures to tell their own wordless story. When I was with my grandson, we viewed the video. I made him a sock snowman to capture this very special evening.

11 thoughts on “Note to Self: Start Earlier

  1. Well, I guess there’s “Christmas in July” for more than one reason. I just finished a quilt top that I hope to give for Christmas this year, so I can’t point any fingers at anyone for not starting early!

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