Way Too Soon

In my opinion, the day after Halloween is way too soon for the stores to play Christmas music. For me, the Christmas season has always started the day after Thanksgiving. When I was teaching, my wardrobe included enough tacky Christmas shirts and sweaters (with no repeats) to last from that Friday after Thanksgiving, to the day in December that started our two week break. I wore blinking ornament necklaces and earrings. The children decorated themselves and the work spaces in the room. I love the season, but I just think starting the day after Halloween is way to soon.
Even though it is too early for me to play Christmas music, I did start making some Christmas Bowlies.
I have a suitcase of seasonal remnants that are just enough to make some Bowlies.

Seasonal Suitcase

7 thoughts on “Way Too Soon

  1. Hi Chela! These bowlies are just adorable. I can see so many uses for them! Even in Halloween fabrics, holding leftover candy if there is any!! Happy Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Awesome bowlies! I especially love your Cardinal.
    It’s not too early to start Christmas sewing projects, but I agree way to soon to see aisles full of decorations.
    You reminded me to dig out my tacky but oh so fun Christmas sweater πŸ€ͺ

  3. I agree that’s way too soon. And it certainly emphasizes the COMMERCIAL aspects of the holiday. I’ve threatened for years to boycott Christmas for a number of reasons, but of course the family never would put up with that…

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