Positive Attitude

It is a rainy, Halloween night. A few children came to the door just before it started to rain. I thought I would have to eat all the candy myself. Then, right in between downpours, a group of five kids showed up. Two were pre-teens apparently in charge of three young children. They had large bags filled almost to the brim. They said they were cleaning up because they were the only ones out in the rain. One of the youngest kids said, “I’m not gonna let a little rain ruin my Halloween.”  I dumped the bag of candy into his bag. He was too cute, and I loved his attitude. There were adults waiting for them in a car, so I knew they were being careful.
I had lunch with my friend Jeanne today. Visits with her are always uplifting and fun. After a long lunch visit, I stopped by the Austin Sewing Machines and Quilting. It is conveniently located close to my son’s house. I bought some beautiful autumn fabric to make a set of reversible place mats. I also found a pattern for making fabric bowls that I will try to make tomorrow.

I had four charms and enough remnants from another project, to make some mug rugs.17E08ED5-63EA-4B17-A806-871F558F38154613DAC6-017F-4D53-A892-8DBAE2672425

Place Mat Front and Back



6 thoughts on “Positive Attitude

    1. So you are the fun house in the neighborhood. My aunt lived next door to us, and she took care of me and my siblings. The kids on the street congregated at her house for tacos on Friday. Hers was the fun house.

  1. Okay you might have two comments from me as at looks like the first one did not take. I like the mug rugs and I have friend like that also that brightens my mood when I am around her – everyone needs someone like that in their lives 🙂

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