Pumpkins and Owls

Last Friday, we had a family pumpkin carving night. It really got me in the spirit of the season. Today, I lit a pumpkin scent candle that filled the room and really set the mood for me. I decided to make an owl tote bag for my granddaughter. She loves Minky fabric, so I used it for the owl belly.

9E98BF0E-4738-4D46-8288-76590582A6A2 2A98C88C-5860-4E71-A28E-B790F8F5613C.jpeg

When I went to the grocery store to buy pumpkin muffins, I found this cute book, Owl Diaries.

Now, it is time to eat those pumpkin muffins.

10 thoughts on “Pumpkins and Owls

      1. I made a simple rag quilt for my 5 year old nephew when he was born. 5×5 squares with minky on one side, a cute cotton fabric on the other and an x stitched down the middle of each square. He still sleeps with it!

      2. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.i made a baby blanket for one of the coaches (my son’s high school football coach) with flannel on one dice. I loved it with the flannel!

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