Beautiful Weekend

I just returned from my son’s wedding and I am still flying around on a Happy Cloud.
It was absolutely fantastic spending time with all three of my sons together.
The house was filled with friends and family.
The weather was awful during the days preceding the wedding. But everything cleared up and was perfect for an indoor/outdoor wedding. We sat by fire pits and enjoyed the autumn evening.
I previously posted about the Dirty Room Fairy. I must say that posting the No DRF Allowed sign on the door of my grandson’s room worked beautifully for the whole weekend. I’m thinking I need my sister to make another sign to post on my studio door.

My grandson is under his new quilt, showing me how comfortable it is.
I think I will take a day to rest before I get started on new projects.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Weekend

    1. We had a beautiful ceremony in front the fireplace in my son’s home. The family formed a circle around the couple. There was no official photographer, but my sister did take some photos. She will send them to me later. Friends were invited to an evening party, where we sat by fire pits under the sky’s canopy of stars. My grandson wanted to stay up until after midnight and he met his goal of partying all night.

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