Great Weekend

Rain is not going to keep us from having a great weekend. My youngest son is getting married tomorrow. My new daughter-in-law and her son are absolutely beautiful people. I will have all three of my sons, their wives, and my grandchildren together.
The original plans had been to have an outdoor wedding at my son’s home. We had to tweak the plans a bit and move everything inside. Today was spent making the final arrangements at the house. My grandson and I spent time cleaning up his room. Of course, whenever he left the room to throw trash, we communicated by using his walkie-talkies. He was so proud of his room and said he wanted it to stay that way forever. So, he asked my sister to draw a sign to alert the Dirty Room Fairy that she was not allowed to enter. Somehow, the Dirty Room Fairy resembles my sister. She even has to wear a boot because she has a Sesamoid injury just like my sister.


My grandson sat down with his new quilt and chimed in as I told the story behind each block. He also practiced his big role as ring bearer.

There was singing and dancing as the final touches were being completed. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I told my son that I would try not to cry too loudly.

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