Wabisabi is a time honored Japanese tradition celebrating the art of the imperfect!  It’s the perfect name for a group of imperfect crafters–which is what six former educators have become.
My friends and I met for the first crafting circle and spent a wonderful afternoon together. I am in charge of arranging for lunch. This time, I planned for each of us to bring items for a sandwich lunch. Delicious all the way around.
One of the projects for today was to make bird seed ornaments for a fall festival at The Blue Hole. This is the headwaters sanctuary of San Antonio, where my friend Marti volunteers. Three friends took over this project; one friend finished binding a quilt; another worked on weaving; and I worked on embellishing the signatures for my thread sketching booklet I am making just for fun and practice. I knew there would not be enough room for me to work on adding the borders to my quilt, so I worked on the booklet…no, really, I am still procrastinating on the quilt.
Marti’s husband, our group poet laureate, posted this poem before he went to the study to watch TV.
He reappeared for lunch.  He is such a good sport.

Testosterone Blues by Dave
Yes, crafting and quilting are current trends
So, monthly she gathers with all her friends
I’ve got football on cable
But I’m afraid I’m still able
To drown in this mixture of estrogen


Bird ornaments

Signatures in progress

BJ, my friend who weaves and makes her own fabric, brought a shirt that she made from raw silk.
She had painted it, but thought that the color was too drab for her. So, she asked me to try it on. She said it was perfect for me and she gifted it to me. The picture does not do this garment piece justice. I love the fabric and the swirl of paint. It is so roomy and soft.

Marti gave each of us a plaque with our Meemaw motto.

All in all, it was a great afternoon.

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